Welcome to Star Trek: Foundations, the virtual series that strives to make a true prequel to Star Trek. Star Trek: Enterprise was a good attempt in conception, but we feel that the execution left much to be desired. So we've taken many of the original concepts and characters developed for Enterprise, and remolded them into something we feel would be better suited to serve as a prequel to the rest of the Star Trek franchise. We have no studio to interfere with the integrity of our show, and a fresh perspective that we hope will make Foundations stand out.

So far our series has done well among readers here online, and we hope that you'll give us a chance. You can reach the episode listing by clicking on the "EPISODES" link at the right. If you do decide to read our work, please feel free to give us any feedback you might have by joining in the discussion in our forum. Good or bad, your feedback helps us to make our series better.


July 2009 New Hosting
Unfortunately the TrekOnline domain expired. A lot of this had to do with inactivity, so the domain was allowed to expire. Since I'm not really one to just give up on things, I went ahead and bought a new hosting plan through Host Gator and a new domain name while I was at it. Foundations is now a part of SciFi-Online, which will hopefully have its own website soon.

7 April 2008 New Website Launched
Welcome to the new website layout. Special thanks to Waxing Moon Designs and chrisis1033 for providing the images that made making this new website possible, and also to Jedikatie, Makaveli, and all the people whose feedback helped me to make this website possible.

17 November 2007 Unplanned Hiatus
I'm sure some of the people who have been coming here are probably wondering what's happened to us. We're still around, and there's still slow work being done on some episodes, but we just weren't able to get done in time to release when we'd originally planned to. The first half of the season worked out fine as far as being able to release on a regular schedule, but that just hasn't been the case for the second half. We will be back, I'm just not sure when.

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