Star Trek: Foundations is a script-based fan fiction, developed independently by a small number of individuals As a reboot to the television series Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT). It takes place aboard the United Earth Ship Enterprise, which is Earth's first attempt at a serious long-range explorer. The story starts in 2152 and will progress from there, showing Earth's growth from a modest planet to a major force behind the founding of the Federation.

The intent here is to use the same concepts behind ENT, but to better utilize these concepts to present the "Birth of the Federation" in a manner that reflects the continuity of the Star Trek franchise rather than rewriting it. At the same time, this is an opportunity to part from the other series and present a version of humanity that we can recognize and associate with better, because they have not yet reached the utopian vision seen in those later series. Humanity is taking its first steps into the unknown.

The technology that has come to be familiar to us from the other series will either be completely unknown or in its infancy. Very few species possess anything like a transporter, and Earth isn't one of them. Energy-based shields and tractor beams are still just an engineer's daydream, just as phasers and photon torpedoes are the perfect uber-weapons that only exist in the fantasies of the military. The military itself is a major force to be reckoned with, thanks to major conflicts with the Kzinti and the Nausicaans. The United Earth Space Probe Agency is the small upstart civilian organization originally founded by Dr. Zefram Cochrane himself, and charged with space exploration. It has come into conflict with the United Earth Military over this point, which sees the civilian exploration of space as naÔve at best, and dangerous at worst. Earth's Vulcan allies agrees with them to a point, but sees Earth's apparent militarism and naivety as signs that it is not yet ready to join the interstellar community.

Sufficed to say, this makes Foundations somewhat darker than any other canon incarnation of Star Trek. But the underlying message is growth. Not only will we see humanity grow, but we will see the crew of the Enterprise grow as well through the experiences we witness them have. Foundations is definitely a character-based series, but make no mistake, no one is safe. Just as we have lost people in our first steps into space, these are dangerous times, and the crew of the Enterprise will be put to the test time and again.

We hope you enjoy the series and the journey of our crew. We also hope that you check out what will hopefully be the many features of this website. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in our forum, or to send a private message to Executive Producer CX.


Wasn't Enterprise good enough for you?
WellÖ yes and no. There were a lot of good things about the original show, such as the original concept and the characters in it. However, many of us feel that Enterprise could've been handled differently, so it adhered to its original concept as well as overall continuity with the rest of the franchise better. More often than not, Enterprise seemed like a continuation of Voyager, or came off as essentially TNG in the 22nd Century.

How long has Star Trek: Foundations been in development?
Since around August of 2004. I think. It was before ENT's 4th season originally aired. You can read more about it in the lengthier Full Introduction.

Do you release episodes on a regular schedule?
Yes. We have established a schedule of releasing episodes every two weeks, and we hope to stick to it. There will be planned hiatuses which will be announced ahead of time, and in the event that an unplanned hiatus needs to be taken, we will announce that as well.

What does the ship/crew/etc. look like?
Images will be released eventually and put in the Special Features section. Until then, I'm afraid everyone (including me) will have to use their imaginations.

Who writes/works on Foundations?
An updated list is located in the Staff section.

Would you ever do a crossover with another fan fiction?
No. Other fan fictions are the sole work of their respective creators. I donít really read other fan fictions either, for that matter. The only way there would be any kind of crossover would be if I really knew the people involved well, and a whole bunch of other extremely special conditions. Iím sorry if this disappoints anyone.

Can I join the Foundations staff?
You can, but you should have an idea of what you want to do. If you donít know how you want to help, but would still like to join, you can still ask to join, but you may or may not be accepted. All you need to do to apply is to sent a Private Message to CX and ask. Be sure to include what area you'd be interested in (art, writing/development), as well as an introduction of yourself. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself.








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